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Some of our latest releases
Updated Aug. 18, 2015 

1954 Le Mans 375 Plus SOLD OUT

Ferrari 375 Plus – Winner 24H Le Mans 1954 – Driver “F. Gonzales” 

Features of the model 

Opening engine cover, the rear lid, the door on the driver’s side and the aerodynamic cover on the  passenger’s side.

All the supplementary openings of the model  such as the cover for the oil cooler, the water tank are exactly reproduced. A  17-piece photo-etched grille is positioned such which allows you to see the radiator and the fan placed behind it. 

The security closings of the bonnets have been reproduced replicating the leather straps supplied by Cuoio Schedoni Modena. They are finished with photo-etched buckles, locking bolt for the engine cover and pegs for fast removal of the tank, which actually work. 

Just as the real car, the model  perfectly reproduces the lower part of the car showing first the tubular structure of the chassis, the working suspension system, the steel crossmembers, the exhaust manifold and parts of the engine transmission.                     

In the front part you can notice the chassis,  the water radiator, complete with the fan. 

The oil tank positioned on the rear boot is perfectly reproduced with its cap, complete with script written  on the tank, while it is possible to see the small anchor points supporting it. 

The interior is correctly proportioned for right hand drive, the seats are reproduced in very soft leather.  

The visible parts of the chassis can be seen and the  visible tubular structure on the passenger’s side is highly detailed, the interior panel and the handle on the driver’s side are all exactly reproduced.

The dashboard is painted with the same color of the car and it has the instrumentation with the indicators of the fuel and oil pressure, the rev counter, and the water and oil gauges, and switches to control all systems.

The wooden rimmed steering-wheel is photo-etched, complete with rivets and it has got the prancing horse in the centre.

The pedal box is detailed to feature an accelerator pedal which is fixed to the base, the centre console features a working gear lever exactly as the real car.

The  12 Cylinder in V, 60 degrees engine, head visible with the bank of the carburetors, which is surmounted by the induction trumpets complete with idle screws  are perfectly reproduced.

The battery, the reservoirs, the fuel pump  and steering system are exactly positioned. 

The Borrani wire wheels are made of turned aluminum. For the reproduction 144 holes have been made and  aluminum wire has been used to create all the 72 spokes . They are fixed to the car by  a three star central knock-off nut, behind the wheels,  it is possible to see the drum braking system

The  soft material tires perfectly reproduce the design and the tread of the original Dunlop tires of the original car.




Each unit comes in Styrofoam packaging with a bright Ferrari red outer box complete with Ferrari and BBR logos.

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